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Preorder your Community Screening Package before April 15 for a Fundraiser Discount

Join the MOTHERLOAD movement by bringing this film into your community! A MOTHERLOAD screening can do more than advocate for the cargo bike lifestyle—it can be a community-building fundraiser for your organization or cause.

All Screening Packages will include:

  • MOTHERLOAD Moderator’s Discussion Guide

  • Customizable MOTHERLOAD Marketing Materials

  • A one- or two-time public performance license

  • A DVD of the film to be returned post-event

MOTHERLOAD Screening Packages cannot not be delivered until after the film’s festival run—likely late fall 2019. Those willing to pre-purchase packages now will not only help us raise much-needed funds, they will pay about 30% less than the standard price, plus the ability to keep all proceeds from ticket sales. (After the film’s release, our standard pricing and 50/50 sharing of ticket sales will apply.)

We are offering single and double screening pre-order discounts between now and April 15.


screening FAQ’S


Q: As a screening host, how many times can I show MOTHERLOAD?

A:  We are offering two screening licenses: a one-time use for $250 and a two-time use for $300.  


Q: How long is MOTHERLOAD?

A:  The film is 86 minutes long.  


Q: Is the MOTHERLOAD available in different languages?

A:  At this time, the film is only available in English. 


Q: Where and when can I host MOTHERLOAD?

A:  Community Screenings cannot begin until after the film’s festival run, when we can release MOTHERLOAD publicly (anticipated late 2019). Then, you will be able to host your community screening any place, any time! There are no location or date restrictions for your MOTHERLOAD event.  The film is mailed to you on DVD the week before your event, and returned to us afterward.


Q: Do you offer lower rates for nonprofits and public schools to host a screening?

A:  Most MOTHERLOAD event hosts are nonprofit groups, community organizations and schools.  MOTHERLOAD licensing rates are the same for every type of organization.  If you feel that you have special circumstances where an exception could be made, please contact the producers directly at


Q: How far in advance should I finalize the agreement with you before hosting a screening?

A:  We suggest that you finalize your MOTHERLOAD license agreement at least 4 weeks before your screening. That way, you will have enough time to publicize your event and give your audience enough time to schedule it as well!  Shorter turnaround times are possible, but we prefer to finalize the agreement 4 weeks in advance. 


Q: What about hosting multiple screening events for my school district or community? Is that possible? 

A:  Absolutely. We offer reduced license rates for multiple-event licenses.  Email us for more information at


Q: What kind of venue do I need to host a screening?

A:  Your venue could be your local bike shop or the biggest theater in town! It could be a community center, school gymnasium or auditorium, space in a library or a church, or even your local brew pub. As long as there is enough space to comfortably fit your audience and power your projector and laptop,you are good to go. 

Q: What equipment do I need to show the film?

A: For the best viewing experience, you will need the proper equipment needed to play and project a DVD at an appropriate volume for the size of your venue and the size of your audience. 


Q: Can someone from MOTHERLOAD come to lead a post-film discussion at my screening event?

A: The filmmaker or someone from the MOTHERLOAD team may be available for a fee to lead a post-film discussion at your event. Contact us at for more details about scheduling and pricing.  


Q: How long should my screening event be?

A:  We recommend a 2-hour time frame for your MOTHERLOAD event.  The film is 86 minutes long, so that gives you roughly 30 minutes after the film to have a discussion with the audience.  (A Moderator’s discussion guide is included with all community screening packages.)


Q: What is your advice on ticket pricing?

A:  A typical pricing structure is as follows - $5/student, $10/adult, $25/family – but it is completely up to you. If the event is a fundraiser, you may want to charge more. 


Q: Do you recommend an online RSVP?

A:  Yes, this is a good way to gauge attendance and know if you are reaching capacity at your venue. 


Q: Can I purchase MOTHERLOAD to own or view online via streaming?

A:  No. At this time, MOTHERLOAD is not available for individual rental or purchase. The film is only available as a community screening by way of the screening package. 


Q: Does MOTHERLOAD help me publicize my event?

A:  MOTHERLOAD will supply marketing materials you can use for publicizing your event. Your license includes customizable files for a MOTHERLOAD flyer and postcard, and various graphics for social media. You can also use the MOTHERLOAD press release template to create your own press release for sending to local media outlets. MOTHERLOAD will list your screening on our website and Facebook group.



Q: Is MOTHERLOAD appropriate for children? 

A:  We feel that the film is appropriate for ages 8 and up, but this really depends on the child and the parent. Some kids under 8 will enjoy the whole 86 minutes, and some might get restless.  There are two brief images involving blood and suggesting violence —one still photo from a newspaper article, and a few shots from The Walking Dead with zombies.  Also, there is one scene involving crude language that sensitive kids (and/or their parents) may find unsettling. Before the film is officially released we may create a censored version in which this adult language is bleeped out, but this has yet to be decided.


Q: In what format do you deliver MOTHERLOAD?

A:  For each purchased community screening package, MOTHERLOAD is delivered on a DVD that is to be returned after your screening(s). 

A DCP format will be available for select theatrical screenings. Email us at for info on DCP availability and cost.


Q: When do I receive the MOTHERLOAD DVD?

A:  Event hosts receive the DVD about a week before your event, so that you can test it on your equipment and make sure the entire film runs as expected. 


Q: Can MOTHERLOAD events be held outside the U.S.?

A:  Yes. We do charge an international shipping fee to cover costs. We also can offer you a streaming link instead of a DVD for your event if you want to avoid paying for shipping.