Soon after director Liz Canning discovered the life-transforming power of cargo bikes, she connected with the online community based around this very idea. It was obvious to her that these 100+ new friends should help her make a film to let the world in on their secret.

The result is MOTHERLOAD (formerly LESS CAR MORE GO), a crowdsourced, crowdfunded, grassroots document of a growing global movement to replace automobiles with a new kind of bicycle. Co-Directed by over 100 cargo cyclists....and YOU?  GET INVOLVED

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Every year there are more compelling films about consumption and climate change. While vitally important, they often inspire only feelings of doom and helplessness.  

MOTHERLOAD takes an alternative approach by: 1) crowdsourcing material from cyclists all over the world who are eager to share the lifestyle they love!    2) inviting viewers into a world where  the wind on your cheeks, smiles from neighbors and a new understanding of one's physical power overshadow everything you are supposed to miss about a Life of Convenience.


A central character of MOTHERLOAD is Ross Evans, who invented the longtail cargo bike at age 19, as part of a 1995 Bikes Not Bombs economic development project in war-torn Nicaragua. 

 Former Xtracycle partner Ben Sarrazin founded Yuba Bicycles 

Evans is widely considered the father of the US cargo bike movement, but he and his company Xtracycle have struggled against the cult of convenience, fear of change, their own naiveté and a proliferation of copycats and competition. In 2007 Ben Sarrazin, a former Xtracycle partner with a head for business and good timing, launched a successful competitor--Yuba Bicycles. 

Have the idealism and integrity that made Evans a pioneer now become liabilities? 

It’s the archetypal tale of Visionary vs Pragmatist, contextualized by portraits from the movement these opposing forces have together created. 20 years ahead of its time, will Xtracycle lead once again, or fade into history?


MOTHERLOAD is in post-production, aiming for release at a film festival in early 2019.  Our goals for distribution include:

  • Collaborations with global, national and local bike advocacy organizations
  • Screenings in 5,000 theaters, schools, and institutions
  • Talks/Q&A screenings with director/producer/main characters, group rides, pedal-powered concerts and other live events to grow MOTHERLOAD movement to 500,000 official members
  • Conversations with policymakers on issues of cycling infrastructure and electric bike legislation
  • Promotion of World Bike and other bike-focused poverty-relief programs

If you or your organization are interested in hosting a screening or sponsoring the tour, email Producer Erica Tanamachi at